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M&E was founded in 2001 with the support of IE Business School, one of the World´s top institutions of management education. From the very beginning our mission has been to pioneer and perfect methods which financially quantify and raise the impacts of human processes and projects in companies. SMART ROI™  and such innovations as a human discount rate are examples of our groundbreaking work. SMART ROI™ , formerly known as ROS, was published in the Brazilian edition of the Harvard Business Review as early as 2010.

We are dedicated to making our clients more profitable and less risky.

Meanwhile, M&E has completed 300+ company diagnoses and over 110 SMART ROI™ projects valued at US$ 5 billion for clients. In Hong Kong, M&E is partnered with BDO Financial and Moore Stephens. In the USA and Brazil it runs its own operations in addition to being partnered with Euromoney media such as LatinFinance.


The SMART ROI™ Approach

SMART ROI™ uses a highly detailed and meticulous approach to reveal even latent sources of financial impact. This makes it easy to see which areas can be improved to raise the ROI of a human process or project.

SMART ROI™ calculates the contribution of each person to the total ROI. It does not rely on vague and speculative correlations between data which may or may not be related to calculate its ROI.

The Three Phase SMART ROI™ Process


The DIAGNOSIS phase delivers a detailed breakdown of strong and weak areas of human processes for an entire company, division or area. It tells you which areas are likely to have high and low ROI´s. It helps you decide which areas need to become more profitable and which areas look fine.

Beyond a strengths/weaknesses analysis, the DIAGNOSIS  calculates a human discount rate, which allows you track your risk level over time. This is particularly important if you are assessing riskier matters such as cyber security or governance.


If you just want to focus on calculating and raising the ROI´s of individual processes and projects, you might want to start directly with Phase 2.

Here we calculate the ROI´s of individual human processes and projects over time periods of your choice.  And we make very specific recommendations on how to raise those ROI´s.

To have a greater impact on your bottom line, you can apply our quantitative ROI PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT tool which groups related processes and projects together to raise the ROI of the entire portfolio while optimizing costs.

See the below chart for an example of a group of client projects using the SMART ROI™  PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT tool, adding 18.2% in ROI:


With this tool you can monitor and adjust the ROI of any process and project or portfolio.

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