Governance Code Operating Efficiency

Large multinational Problem: A new corporate governance code was being implemented. Task: Calculate & raise the ROI of a new code. Results: Initial ROI was low because employees did not [...]

Impacting Company Value

One of the World’s largest banks Task: How sustainability aided post merger Integration & realizing synergies. Results: An intricate governance system created a new bank from top to [...]

Cyber Governance

Multinational technology company Task: 36% of cyber crime is internal; find process gaps to reduce cyber breaches. Results: The client left cyber security to the IT dept, ignoring massive gaps in [...]

Impacting Operating Margins

One of the World’s largest technology corporations Task: Show ROI of supply chain training. Results: Over US$ 40 million in ROI due to precess and human efficiencies, reduced time & [...]

Impacting Operating Efficiency

Large bank Task: Decide whether to cut a high potentials trainee program for university graduates costing € 2 million/yr. Results: Calculated ROI of over €3.2 million after 3 months, generated by [...]

Impacting Revenues

Large insurance company Task: Whether to allow client service reps to work from home instead of commuting to a call center. Results: Only certain employees generated higher sales from home, [...]